Currency Exchanges opening times in Cardiff

In the Cardiff of 1 Branches, 1 companies. The biggest: Tesco Extra (1 branch).

Nearby green space can add £2,500 to property price, ONS data shows [14 10 2019 01:55:08]

Homes within 100 metres of green space drew price premium of 1.1%, while views over water added 1.8% Living near a park, public garden or playing fields can add an average of £2,500 to the price of your property, according to official data. And having a view of green space or water boosts prices even more.While many will not be surprised to learn that a bit of nature on the doorstep is a desirable feature among homebuyers, this data is from the official Office for National Statistics, so it can arguably be relied upon more than findings from estate agents and other commercial bodies. Continue reading... Continue reading...

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