Centrum hearing opening times in Cardiff

In the Cardiff of 3 Branches, 3 companies. The biggest: Cochlear (1 branch), Hidden Hearing (1 branch) and Amplifon (1 branch).

‘Good shock value’: CSIRO holds a mirror to Australia’s junk food habits [13 04 2021 06:30:16]

Taking the science agency’s Junk Food Analyser quiz can be confronting but could help avoid illness and improve wellbeingWhat happens when you take every culinary indulgence – every afternoon biscuit, ham sarnie, scoop of ice-cream and post-work glass of wine – and add them together over the course of a month?The Junk Food Analyser, a quiz slash come-to-Jesus moment from the CSIRO, does just that. And the results can be confronting. Continue reading... Continue reading...

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